About Dean


Hi, I am Dean Hervochon​

I’m a “Life Style Enhancer” — I’ve paid attention and it has served me and my friends well! Being a gay kid growing up in “trailer community” in Southern New Mexico, it was imperative for me to be observant of all that was going on around me — I wanted to live!

That early “survival training” imprinted me and I’ve used it every day of my life. I’ve paid attention to details, nuances and appreciate “what works” —and what doesn’t. I’ve learned a lot of things…the hard way. The really hard way! Believe me, I wish someone had shared their hard-fought wisdom and style me years ago.

That’s why I started this blog. essay topics For you. I’ve got a knack for looking at something and asking myself: How can it be better or improved? Can I make it more useful? More beautiful? Sexier? Can I get that cheaper and not sacrifice quality? What is going to be the problem if I do that? My expertise and point of view has been shaped by many fine people, both straight and gay. We usually don’t learn from ourselves. Enjoy the blog! 

Let me know what you think! I mean that! Finally, if you want to post something on this blog, contact me! I’d love to have guest bloggers who have something of value to share. You don’t have to be gay or straight, you’ve got to have something to share with others that will make their lives “more fabulous!”

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