Dating advice

“Your Eyes Look Like Wood”…

by Dean Hervochon on April 9, 2019

Guys, don’t ever, ever tell a woman that her eyes “look like wood”!    Yes, I have a friend who was on her first —and last date— with a moron who was trying to compliment her but it turned into a disaster from that one comment.  “Next!” was her first thought.   The more appropriate thing to […]


Why Straight Guys Should Go To Gay Bars

by Dean Hervochon on May 8, 2011

Guys, guys, guys! If you’re single and your want to meet an incredible chick—get your ass into a gay bar! Here are 5 good things you need to know before you start hanging out with “the boys.” Here ya go… 1. Cool girls have Gay Guy (GG) friends. Any straight girl who can bag a […]


How To Meet a Prince — Trust Me!

by Dean Hervochon on April 29, 2011

Are you really ready to meet a great guy? You want a man who acts like a prince?  You’re not going to believe this answer. Ready? You go skeet shooting! Don’t stop reading! Not only will you have a blast shooting skeet, but you’re going to bag a man too!  This is the best advice […]