Yawning? – Could You Please Cover Your Mouth?

by Dean Hervochon on June 7, 2011

How many times has someone yawned on you?  Does it gross you out too?  Check out my video and let me know what you think!  Thanks.


Best Advice: How To Survive A Tornado

by Dean Hervochon on May 26, 2011

Do you know what to do if a tornado is close-by?  You need to. Tornadoes often strike with little warning. If you’re prepared, your chances or surviving will go up, up, up. I’ve livened-up the advice to help you remember it. This is serious stuff.

Don't Be Caught Dead Not Reading This!

1. Go Down! “Head” to the basement. That’s the safest place to be.  Makes sense, doesn’t it?  And it’s fun to say.

2. UFO’s Kill You! It’s true! Unidentified Flying Objects (or identified!) are what kill most people.  Things can be hurled at you/into you at up to 200 mph. OUCH! If you don’t have a basement, go to an inner closet, inner hallway or inner bathroom on the lowest floor. You want to protect yourself as much as you can from UFO’s. Limit what can hit you and don’t go to Roswell!

This Guy Is Safer Than He Looks...in a Tornado.

3. Cover Yourself! Do all you can to protect yourself from the UFO’s. Cover yourself with blankets, sleeping bags or mattresses — anything to dampen the impact of the objects falling on you or being hurled at you.

4. Wear a Helmet! You’ll look like a dork, but who cares? Your head is the most vulnerable part of your body in a tornado, so if you have any kind of helmet, but it on. If the wind rips all of your clothes off at least you’ll have something to cover yourself. It happens.

5. Get Out of the Trailer Park! That is not a judgment! Mobile homes are not tornado magnets, they just show the damage more because they are so flimsy and weak against strong winds. Get out of mobile homes. You are 35 times more likely to die in a mobile home than in any other type of building.

6. Go to McDonalds! Not the drive-thru dummy! Fast-food restaurants all have walk-in coolers. That’s a darn good place to be if a tornado is headed toward you and you have no place to go.

You Deserve A Break Today —From a Tornado

7. Go Down! (I said it again!)  If you’re outside, get as low as you can and away from trees. Lie down in a ditch, gully or any depression that may shield you. Remember to cover your head.

8.  Don’t Go To The Movies! Even if Thor is on in 3D!  “Long-Span Buildings” are not the place to be if you’re caught in a tornado. Get out if you can. Can you imagine what could hit you if you were in a Lowes or Home Depot? I’d head to the bathroom or “safe-room” if they have one — to protect myself from the UFO’s, but be aware that the walls often collapse in this type of building too. Get in a door way if you can’t escape or under something really sturdy that could withstand things falling on you. Under a counter?

9. Fasten Your Seat Belt, It’s Going to be a Bumpy Ride! If you’re stuck in your car, the stats are mixed as what your rates of survival are. Some say get out, some say stay in your car. I’d certainly put on my seat belt and try to cover my head if I got caught in a tornado and I was in my car. If you can, drive at a 90 degree angle away from the tornado. Don’t think that you can out-run one but try to get out of the tornado’s path.

GIve If You Can

10. Overpass Death Trap! It’s a total fallacy that it’s safe for you to park under an overpass in a tornado. Stats show that it can actually turn the overpass into a wind tunnel. People fare much worse under an overpass. Get away from the tornado if you can, don’t wait for it under an overpass.

I hope this helps you remember what you should do in the event of a tornado.  The American Red Cross could use donations if you would like to help those people affected by these devastating storms.




How To Find Your Friends in a Crowd

by Dean Hervochon on May 23, 2011

Don't Think For A Minute That Your IPhone Will Work In a Crowd.

Before you ever go to a big event with your friends, you need a plan! How many times have you gone to a concert or baseball game and you lost your friends? This is bad if you need a ride home.

Girls! Shave Those Pits Before You Go Out Into A Crowd!

You’re Going To Lose Your Friends! It gets even more complicated if your friends happen to be drunk (or you are).  What sucks is that in a big crowd, your friends could be just a few feet away from you and you wouldn’t even know it. Don’t depend on your phone to find your friends in a crowd. This is especially true if  you have an IPhone from AT&T (been there, done that). There’s a good chance that you will loose phone service and texting abilities if a lot of people are using their phones. Going to the Gay Pride Parade? Forget it! Not gonna happen! The gays love their IPhones, even if they don’t work.

Obama is Afraid Angela Merkel Might Not Know Where He Is! He's so smart!

You Don’t Need the F.B.I to Find Your Friends! So, how do you find your wayward friends?  You raise your hand! That may sound stupid and so fricken simple, but if you tell your friends about this, I swear, they will all start doing it. Oh, they are going to laugh when you tell them to do this. Sometimes they’ll do it just to spite you; “Hey girl, I’m over here” as they jut their limp hands into the air to over-emphasize how much of a pansy they think you’re being because you’re cautious. Everyone has made fun of me when I make them practice before we go into the event!  Everyone. Let them mock you, ha, ha, ha, but we’ll see who gets a ride home with me if I can’t find your sorry ass! You’ll see, they will start using it, the first time they feel separated from you. It can be quite fun and they will always laugh when they end up having to do it. If your friends start to get about 10 feet away from you and there’s a lot of people between you,  just raise your hand!  It works especially well if you’ve got an umbrella in your hand. It’s fantastic. You should teach this to your friends, kids, relatives.  Don’t teach it to clingy boyfriends. This is a good thing to know…you’ll thank me later.  Let me know what you think.  Post a comment here.

PS: If you’d like to write a “guest post” — let me know!   I’m looking for posts that offer good, solid, helpful information — or something that really bugs you and you can offer a solution for the problem.  The best posts are things that most people don’t know.  If you make it funny, all the better.  I can help with editing and images.  Hope to hear from you.


The View, May 12…The Go To Gay Guy Review

by Dean Hervochon on May 12, 2011

Nice Arms Elizabeth! But Can We Talk About That Tan?

Some show today.  I do one of these reviews about once a week. Common, Jill Scott, Ellen Pompeo and Chaz Bono were all on, one way or the other.   The first thing the gals started out with was Elizabeth’s arms.  She’s been nominated as having the best arms in Hollywood by US Magazine.  I tried to find it on the US website and couldn’t — good luck — if you want to waste your precious life energy on that.  What a crappy website.

Rapper Common. For Crying Out Loud! He's Wearing a Scarf! He's Couldn't Be all That Bad!

The rapper Common was discussed for being invited to the White House.  There’s controversy (from conservatives) because he’s a rapper.  He’s not one of those really foul, misogynist rappers; he raps about life in the city, growing up and the struggles kids go through. He’s a poet too. It’s kinda funny that no one is discussing rapper Easy E being invited to the Bush White House in 1991. If you remember him, Easy E was the foulest rapper of the time; no one argues about that. Hmm. Common is the kind of guy who heads the “Common Ground Foundation.” In April, that organization honored women of excellence and leadership.  Maya Angelou was honored.  You can figure this out.

Joy keeps bringing up that Dick Chaney shot someone.  Come on Joy, that is so old news and that was an accident.  That’s a false comparison to anything. (My friends aren’t going to believe I said just said that.)

Jill Scott is wincing.  She told Essence Magazine that a black friend of her’s married a white woman and it “made her spirit wince.”  If that makes her wince, can you imagine if her friend had married Chaz Bono? Sherri discussed how a lot of black women (herself included) have a problem if a black guy “jumps over” black women to get to white women.  I wonder what she’d say if she heard Elizabeth say that she had a problem with a white man “jumping over white women” to marry a black woman? That’s just something to think about. In all honesty, who cares who marries who?  Aren’t we past that yet?  Whoopi agrees with me and she got really angry about it. I’m not surprised with her dating record.

There’s an 8 year old getting Botox. She’s a “beauty queen.”  Her mother is injecting her. This is just gross.

Ellen Pompeo, of “Grey’s Anatomy” came on in a cool Michael Kors jumpsuit.  I started to fast-forward it.  Ah, but she’s married to a black guy. Here we go…   She thought that we don’t need to have the NAACP Awards, that we needed “People Awards.”   Ooooh, Sherri told her flat-out that she didn’t agree with her. Ellen, why would you say that? Gasoline on a fire. You’d think we’d be farther along than this by now.

Cher Has A New Son...and so late in life!

“Mr. Chaz Bono” as Joy introduced him, was on at the end of the show.  Chaz is Cher’s kid.  He just wrote a book:  “Tra nsition: The Story of How I Became a Man.” If you’ve been living under a rock, Chaz used to be Chastity. There is no way I’d ever say that he was once a woman.  He’s came out in a jacket and tie and quite a stocky guy now. I couldn’t imagine the stresses and heartache and bigotry a trans-sexual goes through.  He explained how he physically “transitioned.” He had “top surgery” to remove the breasts after 6 months of hormone therapy. He was ecstatic to have his breasts removed.  He’s part of the “It Gets Better” videos on the web where LGBT  (lesbian, gay, bisexual,transgender) talk about how their lives got better as they aged and to not give up hope. It’s about preventing teen suicide.

Cher is having a time of it getting used to the new pronouns.  Whoopi wanted to know which bathroom Chaz uses.  He uses the men’s room, even though he’s not had “the bottom” surgery. He said the bottom surgery isn’t great so he’s going to wait. If you’re curious about that surgery, it’s called phalloplasty.  Chaz is right! Google the image for that.  It’s not what I call even remotely successful…and I’m an expert in that department!

“Anything Goes” is back on Broadway.  It’s been nominated for nine Tony Awards.  The music, sets and dancing were ubber excellent.  Don’t miss it if you’re in NY anytime soon.





Gift Rules: Giving And Getting

by Dean Hervochon on May 12, 2011

8 Rules of Gift-Giving: It took me a long time to learn “the rules.” I’ve learned them the hard way and sometimes it was pretty embarrassing getting that education. I’ve updated my previous post. Let me know what you think.

This is so wrong...

Rule #1: Give a gift that is appropriate for that person. Grandma doesn’t need a thong – even if she asks for one. Yet, if an adorable 8 year old boy asks for an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas, get it for him! You don’t get him a .22 rifle instead. I think I’m gonna cry.

Rule #2: Don’t Overspend. If you’re just starting to date someone and you buy something really expensive and it’s not in-line with your income – you’re going to come across as desperate. You don’t need to give big gifts for people to like you—people like you because you’re: kind; clean; floss regularly; and you’re good in bed.

Oooh..what can I say?

Rule #3: If You’re an Adult, Don’t Ever Open Birthday Gifts in Front of People at a Party. There’s a couple of reasons why you don’t do this: a. You’re not a good enough actor to make people believe that you’re happy that you got pot-holders for your birthday. b. Those who haven’t brought you a gift will feel anxiety – and you don’t have parties to make people anxious. c. It can be rude and self-aggrandizing. “Look what I got!” You’ll look like a winner or a loser if people start to gauge your gifts. It’s a no-win. Now for the bad news: If you’re the guest of honor at a bridal or baby shower – you’re screwed unless you’re Meryl Streep. Practice squealing and throwing your arms up in the air and screeching “Oh My God!”  Think of “Sophies Choice” if you need some tears to show grandma how much you love the wool neglige she made you.

Don't Get Caught Re-Gifting. You've got to be good at it!

Rule #4: Don’t Re-Gift (and Get Caught!). If you re-gift (everyone has done it) —make sure that you look the item over completely before you give it to someone else. If it’s a candle – take it out of the box, look in the box, under the candle, on the sides of the candle . Some thoughtful person may have inscribed a personal note on the side of it with a permanent marker that says: “Happy Holidays Dean”… now, you wouldn’t want to give that to someone for their 40th birthday, would you? (I did! I’ve never laughed harder in my life.)  As horrible as it sounds – you can’t re-gift everything! Sometimes those gift-givers have so damaged the integrity of their gift by personalizing it that it just can’t be given to someone else! The nerve! In that case, you’ll either have to live with it or give it to Goodwill.

Rule #5: Pay Attention! For crying out loud – am I really that hard to buy for? If you want to be a good gift- giver – listen! People tell you all the time what they like, love and hate. All you have to do is to start listening and take note of it. Anytime someone tells me they like something (that I can afford) I put a note in my phone where their name is. When it comes to gift-giving time – just look in your phone. If it’s someone you love and you’re around them a lot – you should have a list of 10 things to choose from when it’s time to give the gift. 

Rule #6: It is Your Gift! If you get something you hate, you can throw it the hell away! You owe the giver nothing in terms of having to keep the gift. Getting a gift is not a contract for you to store your friend’s bad taste in your house! I once had a friend who would go wild when she came to my house and couldn’t find the things she had given me. I told her I sold them in my garage sale(s). You’d thought I shot her. If you give a gift – you’re done with the ownership of what happens to that gift. If you get a gift – it is yours and yours alone and you can do whatever the heck you want with it.

No Strings Gift? Maybe...

Rule #7: Gifts With Strings. If an adult gives you a gift – and you want it – take it. They’re giving it as a gift – right? Gifts are a “no-strings attached” transaction (see #6). Gift-giving should be the cleanest of all transactions. They give it – you take it – they get a “thank you” – end of story. If you feel they might want something in return – ask them. Get it out in the open. If you’ll do that — gifts “with strings” turn into gifts without strings. Let your gut guide you on that one. 

Rule #8: Send a Thank You Note. It sounds simple, right? Keep a box of Thank You Notes handy. They don’t have to be expensive and you don’t have to write a lot in them.  “Thanks for the beautiful flowers” with a small personal note will do it. Sending a Thank You Note is a classy thing to do and it will serve you well if you do it.  Trust me!


A Great Gift for Kids and For You!

Bring a Great Gift For The Hosts, Their Kids and You! If you’re lamenting about what to bring as a gift to a friend’s house and they happen to have younger kids, you’re in luck!  There are some amazing DVDs out that will entertain the kids for hours and they’re pretty inexpensive.  They range from $10.00 to $15.00. If you bring these DVDs, you not only will delight the kids, but it will keep them mesmerized while you’re there too!   What’s better than that?  A gift for them that’s actually a gift for you.

Toy Train Videos, Who Knew? I Love Toy Trains – All Aboard is a video series that films toy trains “in action.” The first time I heard about it, I thought, “seriously?”  Well, little did I know that kids love to watch videos of toy trains, John Deere Tractors and earth movers. The train series has a huge following at libraries all over the country.  TM Books and Video gets weekly phone calls from families who want to buy copies for themselves after their kids have seen the videos from the library. 

The Kids Will Love These Videos

Special Needs Kids Really Love These Videos. For kids with Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism, their parents report to the producers of  I Love Toy Trains that these DVDs are the only shows that hold their kid’s attention. I love that about these DVDs. They do good things too.

You Won't Have To Medicate As Much If You Bring These DVD's As Your "Obligatory Hostess Gift!"

“All Aboard,” Oh How You’ll Grow To Hate That Phrase! This video features great original music by award-winning composer James Coffey; bloopers; educational segments; and railroading adventures with both toy and real trains. One warning!  Expect to keep hearing “All Aboard” over and over again after the kids have seen these DVDs.  Now, where was that cough syrup, for me?


Why Straight Guys Should Go To Gay Bars

by Dean Hervochon on May 8, 2011

Guys, guys, guys! If you’re single and your want to meet an incredible chick—get your ass into a gay bar!

Here are 5 good things you need to know before you start hanging out with “the boys.” Here ya go…

1. Cool girls have Gay Guy (GG) friends. Any straight girl who can bag a GG as a friend is probably a girl worth dating. She’s showing you a lot just by having gay friends.  She’s got enough going for her that GG’s want to be around her — she’s probably really funny, dresses well for her body type and is worldly enough to appreciate all that gay friends have to offer.  She’s showing you something right off the bat: she’s not a bigoted homophobe. You want to date women who aren’t harsh and black and white about things; they will make better lovers and mothers for your future kids.

The Girls Love Their Gays!

2. GG’s bring their straight girl friends to the bars with them and the girls travel in packs! You can walk into almost any gay bar — the ones that primarily have younger men and dancing in them — and you’ll find a slew of  available women. Women have a blast in gay bars — and they let their guards down while they are there.  No one is pawing at them; they can dance with just about anyone they want; guys buy them drinks without expecting something in return and they keep hearing that they’re “fabulous” from attractive men they don’t even know!

3. Straight men can learn great life-lessons by going to gay bars! This is your time to learn compassion for what women go through—and this will serve you all of your life. Gay men really aren’t any different than straight men when it comes to trying to getting laid. You’re going to get what a woman feels when she walks into a bar. Don’t worry, no one’s going to rape you. You are going to feel what it feels like to be treated like a piece of meat though. Once the GG’s find out you’re straight, they’ll pretty much leave you alone. They may flirt and buy you a beer, but there’s a good chance they’ll introduce you to their girlfriends too.  GG’s love having secure straight men in the bar.  That said, don’t be disappointed if no one notices you…

4. You may not get any attention at all. OMG! Did I just break your heart?  Straight men, I know that’s hard to hear, but not every gay guy wants to take a hit off of you! Don’t make up a fantasy before you get there that the men will be all over you, because there’s a good chance that they won’t be.  On the flip side, if you’re hit on in the bar, take it as a compliment!  You should be able to graciously handle anything that comes your way and don’t forget that you’re the one who walked into a gay bar. If you can’t handle being hit on by a guy, you have no business going into a gay bar and the women in there won’t like you anyway.  If you are cool with being in a gay bar, the women will find you hotter. There’s nothing more disgusting than a man who tries to make himself “macho” by degrading anyone, on the flip side, there’s nothing more attractive than a guy who accepts everyone for who they are. True story: The first time I went into a gay bar, no one paid attention!  I-was-wrecked!

Be Prepared For Anything In A Gay Bar! Make it an Adventure!

5. Find a GG to become your best friend. Just like every girl needs a GG as a friend, straight guys need gay men in their lives too. Most GG’s will teach a lot of things you might not know; having GG’s (and lesbians too) will certainly make you a better father if you have kids who don’t turn out “just like you.” If you’re going into the bar, make it an adventure!  See how many guys you can talk to in the bar. GG’s generally have lots of friends and tend to have very big social networks. They know a lot of women who aren’t in the bar. If you’re a decent guy, the GG’s will take care of you. Use them as a resource, but most of all, keep them as your friends.

Final Note: One of my best friends met her HOT husband in a gay bar.  He’s the best!  They’ve been married for over 10 years.  It happens.  Who knew?


“The View” — The Go To Gay Guy Review

by Dean Hervochon on May 4, 2011

It’s be awhile since I reviewed “The View.”   Whoopi was true to form today and looked like a slob again.  At least she was wearing a jersey over over her usual garb — I personally wish she wore a jersey everyday.  She’s usually dressed like an excommunicated sister-wife.

Whoopi After Her Compound Escape


The White House is taking some heat about not releasing the pictures of dead Osama bin Laden.  There’s some people who don’t believe that President Obama really got him.  Donald Trump is going to need to see the DNA and death certificate.  You knew that was coming.  Does anyone really think President Obama would announce this — in the middle of “The Apprentice” —  if he wasn’t 100% sure we killed him. He’s dead. Obama is an American. Can we move on?

I guess not…Sarah Palin is at it, giving most of the credit for killing him to…former President Bush?  Seriously?  I guess she hasn’t seen the footage of Bush saying that he “wasn’t concerned” about where Bin Laden was — that was 2003.  Bush officially called off the search in 2005.  Obama just can’t get a break.

Is it the Hat, The Eye Make-up or those Teeth? All that money and she didn't get royal braces.


Barbara discussed the royal wedding coverage and wasn’t happy about what The View gals had to say about the hats at the wedding.  Barbara tried to make fun of Whoopi for the hats she wears. Compared to some of the hats I saw at the wedding, Whoopi wins!  I can’t believe I just said that.  At least Whoopi has worn some cool hats.  Some.


Kendra got voted off “Dancing With The Stars”.    They’re betting that Kirstie and The Karate Kid are going to finals.


Have any of you ever been stupid enough to answer those African emails from people who are going to give you money if you either send them a check or give them your personal information?  Girl, if it’s too good to be true, it is.  Don’t even open it — delete it.

Rob Has A Book You Can Lick, I Mean READ!


Dick Van Dyke was on—he’s making the rounds hawking his new book: “My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business”.   The interview was so boring, I can’t imagine reading his book.  On the other hand, Rob Lowe was on last week — now there’s a book I could “read”.  There are a lot of great pictures of Rob in it.  “Stories I Only Tell My Friends: An Autobiography” I vote buying Rob’s book for yourself. Give Dick Van Dyke’s book to your grandmother.

LaLa Vasquez was on with her husband.  He’s a basketball player.  That’s all I know.

Not a bad show today.  No need to watch your DVR if you’ve read this.  —d–


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I’ve gotten a lot of great information since my posting: “Oprah’s Skin Care Regimen — You Can Do Better” / “Don’t Waste Your Money on Lancer Skin Care Products.” To recap, Dr. Lancer is Oprah’s Beverly Hills dermatologist and he has a skin care line that O raves about.  Trust Me: You can look “radiant and glowing”  without spending a fortune!

NEW INFORMATION: Detailed Regimen / Glytone Skin Care Products / Adult Acne Treatments / Post Menopausal Skin

Oh Yes You Can — Get Radiant Skin — For a Lot Less!

His products are going to cost you $200.00 — a month! According to dermatologists, you can get just about the same results from over the counter (OTC) products that you can pick up at CVS, Walgreens or order on-line — all for a fraction of the cost of what O is spending.  I’ve had several comments already from people using the OTC products I recommended last week and they’re already getting “glowing” results.

1. Dr. Lancer’s Polish ($50)  This is his facial scrub — don’t waste your money

Use: Burt’s Bees Peach and Willowbark Deep Pore Scrub.  It’s got all sorts of good things in it and it’s only $8.00. Remember, all you’re doing is removing dead skin with a facial scrub.

2. Dr. Lancer’s Extremely Clean Cleanser ($50) — don’t waste your money.

Dr. Carolyn Jacob, Chicago Dermatologist said the following:

Carolyn Jacob, MD — Radiant Skin Wearer

“You need to wash your face twice a day with a cleanser that has a glycolic acid (AHA) in it. It’s best for oily to normal skin.” Here’s two products that fill the doctor’s order.   They are inexpensive and they work:

Use:   Alpha Hydrox Nourishing Cleanser — (about $7.00) Use this twice a day. UseAlpha Hydox AHA Suffle . ($15.99.) You put this on after you’ve used the cleanser and before your moisturizer.

If you have dry skin: Use: CeraVe Cleanser. $9.00

3. Dr. Lancer’s Repair ($100) This is his “replenishing moisturizer”.   — don’t waste your money.

Dr. Jacob recommends that you “use a daily moisturizer that has an SPF 30 or higher in it and if it has AHA in it, all the better.” I couldn’t find one with SPF 30 and AHA on the Internet, but once again, Alpha Hydrox came through but with a lower SPF of 15.

Use: Alpha Hydrox Sheer Silk Moisturizer with SPF15 (daytime) $14.99

Dr. Jacob also recommends that you use a product that contains Retinol after you wash your face at night:

Use: Alpha Hydrox Retinol ResQ (evening). $15.39

You've Got To Wash With A Good Cleanser Everyday


1. use the facial scrub at least once a week

2. use a facial cleanser with AHA’s in it, morning and night — or for dry skin use CeraVe Cleanser

3. use Alpha Hydrox Soufle after you cleanse your face — morning (if you’re using Alpha Hydox)

4. use a moisturizer with AHA’s and SPF 30 (if you can find one with SPF 30) — morning

5. use a product with Retinol in it after you wash your face —Alpha Hydrox Retinol ResQ — night.

I’m recommending these products because my dermatologist tells me that what’s in them, works. I think when it comes to moisturizers, I really love the Oil of Olay Regeneris Skin Care Line (buy it at Costco, it’s a lot cheaper there), but it doesn’t have all the AHA’s in it. Maybe I’ll just wear it as a treat! The Alpha Hydrox line has about everything Dr. Jacob suggested. It’s up to you and the results you want to achieve.  Here’s one more great option:

GLYTONE PRODUCT LINE: If you just can’t imagine using drugstore products, try Glytone. These products are “medical grade” and you can buy them on-line or in many dermatologist’s offices. This is more expensive than what you’ll find at the drugstore, but it is amazing stuff.  Glytone has just about everything you need that’s been referenced in this post — from oily/ combination skin to dealing with age spots. Educate yourself at Glytone’s Web Site — this is strong stuff.  Internet search: “Glytone,Discount” and you’ll find some good deals on-line.


Tomi Wall, MD — Glowing Skin Wearer

Tomi Wall, MD —  Oakland, CA Dermatologist

Dr. Wall said she is getting great results from prescribing: Atralin for Adult Acne.
You can get it prescribed from either your dermatologist or maybe from your general practitioner.

Seth Matarasso, MD – San Francisco Dermatologist:
Patients with oily skin should try Glycolic acid (AHA) or salicylic acid (BHA) washes that help to exfoliate the skin, unplug pores, and decrease the oily feel. For adult acne, add a topical benzoyl peroxide cream daily (careful though, it can bleach your clothing and towels) and a Vitamin A cream at night (Retinol, Retinaldehyde in the active ingredients). If those don’t help after 2 months of use, consult your dermatologist (or just jump straight there since they have more powerful medications to clear your skin fast!).


Carolyn Jacob, MD — Chicago Dermatologist                                                                                                                                                        “Oily peri menopausal skin does well with a glycolic or salicylic acid cleanser, a mattifying gel, and a retinol product at night. Use a rich hydrating eye cream around the delicate eye area.”

Thanks for checking out “The Go To Gay Guy.”

Note that I am not being compensated by any of the product manufacturers I’ve mentioned. I am not a physician, just a practical guy.  This is the best advice I can give you — advice I’ve gotten from people who do know or from my own experiences.

(GG Tip) Print this article and tape it to the inside of your bathroom mirror or cabinet so you’ll always have it as a reference it.



Fabulous Mother’s Day Gift—Under $15.00!

by Dean Hervochon on May 2, 2011

Dress Up Cheap Flowers To Make them Look Really Expensive

Simple Flowers in a Pot

The picture at the right is of some beautiful potted flowers I bought at Costo for $10.99.   They are beautiful just as they are, but if you want to give them as a gift, you’ve got to fix them up a little. The great thing about these bulb flowers is that Mom can plant them in the garden after they’ve wilted and they’ll come up next year.  You’ll be her favorite kid.

The container isn’t very pretty and it doesn’t look like it was bought someplace “exclusive.”  I have a reputation—so if I’m giving these flowers as a gift, they gotta getta a little “WOW” in them.  This is very easy to do and it will look like you bought it at an expensive florist.

Turning 10.99 Flowers into Something Really Special With Fiber Paper and Ribbon

You Can Do This!

1. Find some beautiful flowers that are in a container.  They can be rooted or in a vase.  I prefer rooted.

2. Make sure that the flowers aren’t dripping water — you can’t start this unless you’re assured that the container won’t wet your paper.

3. Find some beautiful paper.  I love fiber wrapping paper — it’s easy to work with, if it gets wet it’s not ruined and it really looks impressive. Find this paper on-line: “fiber wrapping paper, discount” or in a specialty gift wrap shop, and possibly at Costco.  If it comes in sheets, it’s about .50 cents per sheet.   A roll shouldn’t be over $10.00  Keep a stash of them at home. Get them today so you’ll be prepared if something like this pops up and you need a fab gift really quickly. For Mother’s Day, pick a paper that is your mother’s favorite color.  You know her favorite color, don’t you?

4. Find a ribbon that goes with the paper. I personally like mono-chromatic themes, it’s classy. Orange paper with orange ribbon. It’s not crucial, but that’s what I like.

5. Place the flowers in the middle of a square piece of paper. You’ll need about 10 inches of paper above the top of the container, so make sure that your paper is large enough.  If it’s a bigger pot, you’ll need two longer pieces that are laid over one another in the shape of a squared cross. If you can use one piece, all the better — so try to use containers that are smaller/shorter.

6. Cut a piece of ribbon that is about 24 inches longer than what will fit around the container. When cutting the ribbon, do not cut it straight across. Cut it at an angle, it looks better.

Mom Will Think You Spent a Fortune! This is our secret! Right?

7. Gather the paper up around the sides of the container and put the ribbon around what you’ve gathered. It will probably be difficult to tie the ribbon around the container itself —as it tends to slip down. Instead, tie the ribbon above the container, up where the base of the flowers are and this will hide the dirt.

8. Cinch and tie the ribbon with a double knot around the paper, just above the rim of the container — not too tight but not too loose either — you don’t want the flowers to look strangled.  Make sure that when you’ve tying the knot that the extra ribbon is about the same length from each end of the knot.

9. You’re almost there!  Take another piece of ribbon, about 36 inches long and fold the ribbon on top of itself — pinch it in the middle with your fingers as you do each fold-over to keep it together.  You should be looping the ribbon back onto itself into about 6 inch folds.  Don’t press down the loops on the ends!  You don’t want creases in the ends of the bow. The bow folds don’t have to be exact and there’s really no certain number of folds you need either.

See How Happy Your Mom Will Be?

10. While pinching the the folded ribbon in the middle, put it up to that double knot on the ribbon that is holding up the paper on the plant.  Use the two ends of that ribbon to tie a knot around what you’re holding.   Spread out the folds and you’ll see your ribbon materialize right before your eyes.  Adjust it as you like—make it pretty!  Tie a second knot and with the ribbon that’s left over, tie a bow  (like you’re tying your shoes). Trim any excess ribbon off.   It’s done! It takes about 10 minutes to do this.  Don’t forget the card!

Other Great Ideas:  Hostess Gift, Father’s Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Gifts For People Who Have Everything. Great to Bring To A Dinner Party.  Use at Your Own Parties.   A Great Centerpiece for a Dinner Party.

Use Your Imagination! You don’t have to spend a lot to give expensive looking, beautiful gifts.

*And don’t forget that if you always keep the fiber paper and ribbon on hand, you can run to Home Depot or Costco and create incredible gifts for a fraction of the price.

Let me know how it goes!  You can do this.   —d—