“Your Eyes Look Like Wood”…

by Dean Hervochon on April 9, 2019

Guys, don’t ever, ever tell a woman that her eyes “look like wood”!    Yes, I have a friend who was on her first —and last date— with a moron who was trying to compliment her but it turned into a disaster from that one comment.  “Next!” was her first thought.   The more appropriate thing to say, if you must use a wood analogy say:  “Your eyes shine like beautiful polished burled walnut on the Queen of England’s throne.”    If you just say that their eyes look like wood, yep, she’s going to think “pine 2 x 4’s”!    Yellow, splintered and rough…   She’s going to think that you think she has hepatitis!  If you want to get close to someone, find something positive to say.  

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