August 2011

Q: “How often do you really need to floss your teeth? If you floss religiously for 2 weeks before your dentist appointment, can they still tell you are not a regular flosser?”  (Anonymous — kinda) OK, this one, I guess is a good question, but I wonder why anyone would want to “fool” their dentist […]


Ask Dean, The Go To Gay Guy — Which Stall to Use?

by Dean Hervochon on August 11, 2011

Someone asked me a funny question the other night:  “Hey GoToGayGuy, which bathroom stall should I use?” Now, why ask me that question? It’s not like I’m a Republican congressman…  It’s funny, but I did know the answer! If it’s the cleanest stall you want to use, according to a 20/20 report — it’s the […]