The View, May 12…The Go To Gay Guy Review

by Dean Hervochon on May 12, 2011

Nice Arms Elizabeth! But Can We Talk About That Tan?

Some show today.  I do one of these reviews about once a week. Common, Jill Scott, Ellen Pompeo and Chaz Bono were all on, one way or the other.   The first thing the gals started out with was Elizabeth’s arms.  She’s been nominated as having the best arms in Hollywood by US Magazine.  I tried to find it on the US website and couldn’t — good luck — if you want to waste your precious life energy on that.  What a crappy website.

Rapper Common. For Crying Out Loud! He's Wearing a Scarf! He's Couldn't Be all That Bad!

The rapper Common was discussed for being invited to the White House.  There’s controversy (from conservatives) because he’s a rapper.  He’s not one of those really foul, misogynist rappers; he raps about life in the city, growing up and the struggles kids go through. He’s a poet too. It’s kinda funny that no one is discussing rapper Easy E being invited to the Bush White House in 1991. If you remember him, Easy E was the foulest rapper of the time; no one argues about that. Hmm. Common is the kind of guy who heads the “Common Ground Foundation.” In April, that organization honored women of excellence and leadership.  Maya Angelou was honored.  You can figure this out.

Joy keeps bringing up that Dick Chaney shot someone.  Come on Joy, that is so old news and that was an accident.  That’s a false comparison to anything. (My friends aren’t going to believe I said just said that.)

Jill Scott is wincing.  She told Essence Magazine that a black friend of her’s married a white woman and it “made her spirit wince.”  If that makes her wince, can you imagine if her friend had married Chaz Bono? Sherri discussed how a lot of black women (herself included) have a problem if a black guy “jumps over” black women to get to white women.  I wonder what she’d say if she heard Elizabeth say that she had a problem with a white man “jumping over white women” to marry a black woman? That’s just something to think about. In all honesty, who cares who marries who?  Aren’t we past that yet?  Whoopi agrees with me and she got really angry about it. I’m not surprised with her dating record.

There’s an 8 year old getting Botox. She’s a “beauty queen.”  Her mother is injecting her. This is just gross.

Ellen Pompeo, of “Grey’s Anatomy” came on in a cool Michael Kors jumpsuit.  I started to fast-forward it.  Ah, but she’s married to a black guy. Here we go…   She thought that we don’t need to have the NAACP Awards, that we needed “People Awards.”   Ooooh, Sherri told her flat-out that she didn’t agree with her. Ellen, why would you say that? Gasoline on a fire. You’d think we’d be farther along than this by now.

Cher Has A New Son...and so late in life!

“Mr. Chaz Bono” as Joy introduced him, was on at the end of the show.  Chaz is Cher’s kid.  He just wrote a book:  “Tra nsition: The Story of How I Became a Man.” If you’ve been living under a rock, Chaz used to be Chastity. There is no way I’d ever say that he was once a woman.  He’s came out in a jacket and tie and quite a stocky guy now. I couldn’t imagine the stresses and heartache and bigotry a trans-sexual goes through.  He explained how he physically “transitioned.” He had “top surgery” to remove the breasts after 6 months of hormone therapy. He was ecstatic to have his breasts removed.  He’s part of the “It Gets Better” videos on the web where LGBT  (lesbian, gay, bisexual,transgender) talk about how their lives got better as they aged and to not give up hope. It’s about preventing teen suicide.

Cher is having a time of it getting used to the new pronouns.  Whoopi wanted to know which bathroom Chaz uses.  He uses the men’s room, even though he’s not had “the bottom” surgery. He said the bottom surgery isn’t great so he’s going to wait. If you’re curious about that surgery, it’s called phalloplasty.  Chaz is right! Google the image for that.  It’s not what I call even remotely successful…and I’m an expert in that department!

“Anything Goes” is back on Broadway.  It’s been nominated for nine Tony Awards.  The music, sets and dancing were ubber excellent.  Don’t miss it if you’re in NY anytime soon.




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