“The View” — The Go To Gay Guy Review

by Dean Hervochon on May 4, 2011

It’s be awhile since I reviewed “The View.”   Whoopi was true to form today and looked like a slob again.  At least she was wearing a jersey over over her usual garb — I personally wish she wore a jersey everyday.  She’s usually dressed like an excommunicated sister-wife.

Whoopi After Her Compound Escape


The White House is taking some heat about not releasing the pictures of dead Osama bin Laden.  There’s some people who don’t believe that President Obama really got him.  Donald Trump is going to need to see the DNA and death certificate.  You knew that was coming.  Does anyone really think President Obama would announce this — in the middle of “The Apprentice” —  if he wasn’t 100% sure we killed him. He’s dead. Obama is an American. Can we move on?

I guess not…Sarah Palin is at it, giving most of the credit for killing him to…former President Bush?  Seriously?  I guess she hasn’t seen the footage of Bush saying that he “wasn’t concerned” about where Bin Laden was — that was 2003.  Bush officially called off the search in 2005.  Obama just can’t get a break.

Is it the Hat, The Eye Make-up or those Teeth? All that money and she didn't get royal braces.


Barbara discussed the royal wedding coverage and wasn’t happy about what The View gals had to say about the hats at the wedding.  Barbara tried to make fun of Whoopi for the hats she wears. Compared to some of the hats I saw at the wedding, Whoopi wins!  I can’t believe I just said that.  At least Whoopi has worn some cool hats.  Some.


Kendra got voted off “Dancing With The Stars”.    They’re betting that Kirstie and The Karate Kid are going to finals.


Have any of you ever been stupid enough to answer those African emails from people who are going to give you money if you either send them a check or give them your personal information?  Girl, if it’s too good to be true, it is.  Don’t even open it — delete it.

Rob Has A Book You Can Lick, I Mean READ!


Dick Van Dyke was on—he’s making the rounds hawking his new book: “My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business”.   The interview was so boring, I can’t imagine reading his book.  On the other hand, Rob Lowe was on last week — now there’s a book I could “read”.  There are a lot of great pictures of Rob in it.  “Stories I Only Tell My Friends: An Autobiography” I vote buying Rob’s book for yourself. Give Dick Van Dyke’s book to your grandmother.

LaLa Vasquez was on with her husband.  He’s a basketball player.  That’s all I know.

Not a bad show today.  No need to watch your DVR if you’ve read this.  —d–


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Bernadette May 10, 2011 at 6:54 pm

The first time I saw your site I thought I was looking at a picture of Rob Lowe! Except on closer inspection I realized that you are even more handsome than he! You have a great spirit and humor, not to mention fabulous observations and ideas. I am such a fan!


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