Fabulous Mother’s Day Gift—Under $15.00!

by Dean Hervochon on May 2, 2011

Dress Up Cheap Flowers To Make them Look Really Expensive

Simple Flowers in a Pot

The picture at the right is of some beautiful potted flowers I bought at Costo for $10.99.   They are beautiful just as they are, but if you want to give them as a gift, you’ve got to fix them up a little. The great thing about these bulb flowers is that Mom can plant them in the garden after they’ve wilted and they’ll come up next year.  You’ll be her favorite kid.

The container isn’t very pretty and it doesn’t look like it was bought someplace “exclusive.”  I have a reputation—so if I’m giving these flowers as a gift, they gotta getta a little “WOW” in them.  This is very easy to do and it will look like you bought it at an expensive florist.

Turning 10.99 Flowers into Something Really Special With Fiber Paper and Ribbon

You Can Do This!

1. Find some beautiful flowers that are in a container.  They can be rooted or in a vase.  I prefer rooted.

2. Make sure that the flowers aren’t dripping water — you can’t start this unless you’re assured that the container won’t wet your paper.

3. Find some beautiful paper.  I love fiber wrapping paper — it’s easy to work with, if it gets wet it’s not ruined and it really looks impressive. Find this paper on-line: “fiber wrapping paper, discount” or in a specialty gift wrap shop, and possibly at Costco.  If it comes in sheets, it’s about .50 cents per sheet.   A roll shouldn’t be over $10.00  Keep a stash of them at home. Get them today so you’ll be prepared if something like this pops up and you need a fab gift really quickly. For Mother’s Day, pick a paper that is your mother’s favorite color.  You know her favorite color, don’t you?

4. Find a ribbon that goes with the paper. I personally like mono-chromatic themes, it’s classy. Orange paper with orange ribbon. It’s not crucial, but that’s what I like.

5. Place the flowers in the middle of a square piece of paper. You’ll need about 10 inches of paper above the top of the container, so make sure that your paper is large enough.  If it’s a bigger pot, you’ll need two longer pieces that are laid over one another in the shape of a squared cross. If you can use one piece, all the better — so try to use containers that are smaller/shorter.

6. Cut a piece of ribbon that is about 24 inches longer than what will fit around the container. When cutting the ribbon, do not cut it straight across. Cut it at an angle, it looks better.

Mom Will Think You Spent a Fortune! This is our secret! Right?

7. Gather the paper up around the sides of the container and put the ribbon around what you’ve gathered. It will probably be difficult to tie the ribbon around the container itself —as it tends to slip down. Instead, tie the ribbon above the container, up where the base of the flowers are and this will hide the dirt.

8. Cinch and tie the ribbon with a double knot around the paper, just above the rim of the container — not too tight but not too loose either — you don’t want the flowers to look strangled.  Make sure that when you’ve tying the knot that the extra ribbon is about the same length from each end of the knot.

9. You’re almost there!  Take another piece of ribbon, about 36 inches long and fold the ribbon on top of itself — pinch it in the middle with your fingers as you do each fold-over to keep it together.  You should be looping the ribbon back onto itself into about 6 inch folds.  Don’t press down the loops on the ends!  You don’t want creases in the ends of the bow. The bow folds don’t have to be exact and there’s really no certain number of folds you need either.

See How Happy Your Mom Will Be?

10. While pinching the the folded ribbon in the middle, put it up to that double knot on the ribbon that is holding up the paper on the plant.  Use the two ends of that ribbon to tie a knot around what you’re holding.   Spread out the folds and you’ll see your ribbon materialize right before your eyes.  Adjust it as you like—make it pretty!  Tie a second knot and with the ribbon that’s left over, tie a bow  (like you’re tying your shoes). Trim any excess ribbon off.   It’s done! It takes about 10 minutes to do this.  Don’t forget the card!

Other Great Ideas:  Hostess Gift, Father’s Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Gifts For People Who Have Everything. Great to Bring To A Dinner Party.  Use at Your Own Parties.   A Great Centerpiece for a Dinner Party.

Use Your Imagination! You don’t have to spend a lot to give expensive looking, beautiful gifts.

*And don’t forget that if you always keep the fiber paper and ribbon on hand, you can run to Home Depot or Costco and create incredible gifts for a fraction of the price.

Let me know how it goes!  You can do this.   —d—

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Corry May 4, 2011 at 2:00 pm

yay I love it!
Easy (sounding!) to do, and beats the limited selection of ‘decorated’
potted flowers they sell for mother’s day in the stores.
Could this be my new favorite website?!
that’s a solid YUP!


Dean Hervochon May 4, 2011 at 2:21 pm

Thanks Corry! I appreciate your comments. This is REALLY easy to do. If you’ve got the right materials — use the ones I suggested — it makes anything look classy and expensive. Tell you friends about my site? Thanks Again. — dean —


Taron July 10, 2011 at 11:36 pm

I really wish there were more atirlecs like this on the web.


Dean Hervochon July 11, 2011 at 12:10 pm

Taron, OK, OK…I’ve got several posts in the works so I’ll post them as soon as I’ve finished them. There are lots of ways to give classy gifts for not a lot of money and I’m gonna show you how to do. Thanks for visiting TGTGG. Dean


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